[csw-announce] important freetype2 bug alert

Philip Brown phil at blastwave.org
Tue Jun 27 17:32:00 CEST 2006

This is a critical note about the "freetype2" package offered in
blastwave's unstable tree.

It has been determined that the recent upgrade to version 2.2.2 has
caused problems with some things that use it, especially fontcache
It causes the application to use up a very unreasonable amount of memory,
rendering many workstations unusable.

We have reverted the version back to the prior version, 2.2.1
Unfortunately, this means that "pkg-get upgrade" will not work, since
this is actually a "downgrade" !

To resolve this issue for affected workstations, it is recommended that you 
first update your pkg-get catalog, and verify the version in your local
mirror site, as follows:

pkg-get -U
pkg-get -c freetype2

IF it gives you the following information
       software                    localrev                   remoterev
      freetype2             [does not matter]       2.1.10,REV=2005.12.11

then you are ready to do the replacement steps, of

pkgrm CSWftype2          # you could also use pkg-get remove freetype2
pkg-get -i freetype2

Under normal situations, we would release a "fixed" version of
the freetype2 version 2.2.2 package. Unfortunately, this issue
appears to be from the software itself, rather than our packaging,
therefore there is nothing we can do about that, at this time.

Philip Brown

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