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Author:   bdwalton
Date:     2009-06-04 03:04:00 +0000 (Thu, 04 Jun 2009)

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* Add a README.csw that documents the non-automated post-install
* Copy in sample config files and notes from the author as well.

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Modified: csw/mgar/pkg/gitosis/trunk/Makefile
--- csw/mgar/pkg/gitosis/trunk/Makefile	2009-06-04 02:39:44 UTC (rev 5152)
+++ csw/mgar/pkg/gitosis/trunk/Makefile	2009-06-04 03:04:00 UTC (rev 5153)
@@ -71,5 +71,8 @@
 		echo "$(CSWUG)" > $(CSWUGD)/cswusergroup; \
 	   gmkdir -p $(INSTALLISADIR)$(GITOSISHOME); \
 	   echo 'PATH=/opt/csw/bin:$$PATH' > $(INSTALLISADIR)$(GITOSISHOME)/.bashrc; \
-	   echo 'PATH=/opt/csw/bin:$$PATH' > $(INSTALLISADIR)$(GITOSISHOME)/.bash_profile; )
+	   echo 'PATH=/opt/csw/bin:$$PATH' > $(INSTALLISADIR)$(GITOSISHOME)/.bash_profile; \
+	   gmkdir -p $(INSTALLISADIR)/opt/csw/share/doc/gitosis; \
+	   gcp files/README.csw $(INSTALLISADIR)/opt/csw/share/doc/gitosis/; \
+	   gcp $(WORKSRC)/*rst $(WORKSRC)/*conf $(WORKSRC)/etc* $(INSTALLISADIR)/opt/csw/share/doc/gitosis/; )

Added: csw/mgar/pkg/gitosis/trunk/files/README.csw
--- csw/mgar/pkg/gitosis/trunk/files/README.csw	                        (rev 0)
+++ csw/mgar/pkg/gitosis/trunk/files/README.csw	2009-06-04 03:04:00 UTC (rev 5153)
@@ -0,0 +1,50 @@
+After installing gitosis, there are a few things that need to be done
+before you can get started.  It's pretty simple, but not something I
+could automate for you.
+First, copy the ssh public key of the first gitosis admin user to
+/tmp.  From here out, I'll assume that key is /tmp/id_dsa.pub.  I'm
+also going to use the name 'code' as the hostname for the server
+running gitosis and that it is available by ssh from any hosts you'll
+be connecting from, including the host where you do the initial
+checkout of the gitosis-admin repo.
+Perform the following steps on the gitosis server:
+1. su - gitosis
+2. gitosis-init < /tmp/id_dsa.pub
+The server should now be ready to go.  Now, in the account holding the
+private half of the ssh key you used, run:
+1. cd /path/where/you/wnat/gitosis/checked/out/
+2. git clone gitosis at code:gitosis-admin.git
+If this all worked, you should have
+/path/where/you/wnat/gitosis/checked/out/gitosis-admin with the
+following as the content:
+You can now add users (by placing ssh public keys in keydir/) and
+grant access to projects, etc by manipulating gitosis.conf.  When
+you've made the required changes, check them in and push them up.
+1. git add keydir/*; #add any new keys
+2. git add gitosis.conf; # add any changes to the config
+3. git commit -m 'added a new user with 2 projects'
+4. git push origin master
+If this all worked, code:~gitosis/.gitosis.conf should reflect the
+changes you just made.
+For more help, I found this page helpful:
+There are also lots of hits on Google.  Also, feel free to ping me on
+the CSW user list (users at lists.opencsw.org) or at bwalton at opencsw.org.
+-Ben Walton

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