[csw-maintainers] IMPORTANT: Mail Server Outage

Ihsan Dogan ihsan at opencsw.org
Thu May 7 16:45:52 CEST 2009

Am 7.5.2009 16:31 Uhr, Ben Walton schrieb:

>> For the last 4 years Courier-IMAP served us very well. But with the
>> increased amount of users using IMAP, Courier-IMAP reached it limits.
>> Especially users with huge mailboxes are affected by this issue.
> I made the move from courier and uw-imap a few years back and have
> never regretted it.

I was really thinking for long time about that, but I hesitated because
Courier worked very well.

I've made a few tests and I was impressed how fast Dovecot is. Even the
migration is very easy.


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