[csw-maintainers] issue when trying to provide a python binding

Mike Watters mwatters at opencsw.org
Fri May 8 18:24:03 CEST 2009

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Hi Peter,
Peter FELECAN wrote:

> There are 2 issues:
> 1. I'm using gcc, so why cc is used? Because Python is generated with
>    Sun Studio?
Yes that is exactly correct, when you build a python extension it will
look at the way python was compiled and use those settings ( this is just like

> 2. How comes that a specific build machine path is used, i.e. Sun
>    Studio is installed by default in /opt/SUNWspro (I know that it can
>    be installed at the administrator's convenience and on the build
>    machines is installed in a /opt/studio directory but that is another
>    story)

Unfortunately, this is just the way it is handled,  it is true for PERL and
most if not all the other packages that have a pkg-config like structure.

you should be able to work around this by setting the environment variables
CC={path to cc} CXX={path to c++ (CC in SunStudio)}

> The second issue is a show stopper for me...

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