[csw-maintainers] mysql-5.0.84 in testing (a garified package)

Ben Walton bwalton at opencsw.org
Fri Nov 6 19:33:50 CET 2009

Excerpts from Maciej (Matchek) Blizinski's message of Fri Nov 06 05:51:58 -0500 2009:

> Meanwhile, I started looking at the included unit tests.  I don't know
> if the package was passing the tests previously, but I think it's a

The set of failing tests is likely different, but I was finding issues
with the 5.1 stuff when I looked at it.  I do remember that the tests
failing on i386 were different than those on sparc.

> good idea to have all the unit tests pass.  I suspect that the tests
> will need some porting or adjusting to Solaris.  The first problem I'm
> seeing is:

...which is sad since this is a sun product.  That is unless one of
the opencsw libs it links against is causing the problems, anyway.

> Do people know if those tests were passing before and what has been
> done to make them pass?

I don't know what the previous state of affairs was wrt this...Phil is
right that it might be verifiable.  Alternately, the old build could
be redone without the packaging to see if the test suite was passing
or not.

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