[csw-maintainers] User requests symlinking from /usr/bin to /opt/csw/bin

Dagobert Michelsen dam at opencsw.org
Fri Nov 20 15:51:50 CET 2009

Hi Nicolai,

Am 19.11.2009 um 08:23 schrieb Nicolai Schwindt:

> [...]
>>>> There's a user request to create symlinks from /usr/bin to
>>>> /opt/csw/bin, for instance, /usr/bin/lpr --> /opt/csw/bin/lpr.
>>> I think it's not good.
>>> It will fail in a zone with global /usr.
>> It is a purely optional package that depends on cups and its whole
>> purpose
>> is to replace the SysV-lp system. Nothing more. If you don't want the
>> system replaced you don't install this package. We may choose a  
>> slightly
>> modifed prefix like
>>   CSWScups (CSW Solaris cups)
>> or something to mark that it doesn't install in /opt/csw but replaced
>> Solaris core functionality.
> Which I can do by adjusting the order of my PATH elements.
> Nothing belongs in /usr besides what SUN puts there.

The problem start when you have binaries that explicitly call /usr/bin/ 
which are distributed as binaries and you want CSW CUPS as print system.

> The zones are are an example where this fails, and also the fact  
> that I've
> seen several customer
> mount /usr read only.
> Besides that, it is law - at least to me - that's why there is /opt.
> This is not linux !
> Also I do not see cupsclient as purely optional. CSWcupslibs gets  
> pulled in on
> behave of several
> packages. To be able to verify you setup one will need  
> CSWcupsclient. The
> actual printing can
> be done with the onboard toolchain.

The idea is to have an ADDITIONAL package which depends on the cups  
package, provides the links from the original Sun lp-system to /opt/csw/
and be incompatible with the existing print packages.

> Apart from that - what happens to /usr/bin/lpr, is it deleted ? Is  
> SUNWpcu
> deinstalled ?

You must deinstall the Solaris packages first, than add the link  

> Before making such modification one should think about making his on
> distribution rather than
> build packages for an existing one.

The idea is to have a supported system and replace the outdated parts  
usable replacements. This would be cups here.

So again: This is meant as an add-on. Optional. Which you may or may not
install and install only if you want to replace the original print  
If you don't want to replace the original print system you install the  
cups packages, but not this one.

Best regards

   -- Dago

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