[csw-maintainers] Why do I get V8+ binaries?

Dagobert Michelsen dam at opencsw.org
Mon Sep 7 13:23:55 CEST 2009

Hi James,

Am 07.09.2009 um 11:54 schrieb James Lee:
> On 06/09/09, 21:19:45, Dagobert Michelsen <dam at opencsw.org> wrote  
> regarding
>> It is sort of critical as the binaries are then no longer runnable on
>> all
>> machines supported by Solaris 8. However, as we officially deprecated
>> Solaris 8 this is not really bad, but still a Good Thing(tm) to do.
> Solaris 9 runs on sun4m so the Solaris 8 point is invalid.  We will
> continue to support 9 for some time so the sun4m question remains.

Ups, sorry.

> Does sun4m matter?  It seems to matter to a few people and although
> they are only small number it is 100% critical to them.
> I do my bit to run a living computer museum but I am long past running
> a sun4m machine for anything other than a toy or test.  I can just see
> why a stand alone server might be better on a Sparc20 as my SS20
> (125MHz, 512GB RAM)

WOW! 512 GB is a hell of a lot - even for a Sparc20 :-D

> uses 58 Watts idle whereas my Blade2000 (1.2GHz,
> 8GB RAM) use 185W idle.  Of course the Blade 2000 can do what a the
> SS20 can in one of its corners with no one noticing plus 10 times more
> but this assume I have the faster machine running and have more to do.
> Why anyone chooses to run GUI apps on such slow hardware is beyond me.
> However because we run an integrated system long dependency chains
> dictate the base arch, i.e. if one package fails the system fails.

Best regards

   -- Dago

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