[csw-maintainers] sh: gnome-config: not found

Sebastian Kayser skayser at opencsw.org
Tue Sep 8 21:06:43 CEST 2009

Maciej (Matchek) Blizinski wrote on 08.09.2009 20:46:
> I'm trying to build pinentry. Here's where I'm currently stuck:
> $ PKG_CONFIG=/opt/csw/lib/pkgconfig pkg-config --exists gtk+-2.0
> sh: gnome-config: not found
> The needed file is present on the disk:
> $ glocate gtk+-2.0.pc
> /opt/csw/lib/amd64/pkgconfig/gtk+-2.0.pc
> /opt/csw/lib/pkgconfig/gtk+-2.0.pc
> /usr/lib/amd64/pkgconfig/gtk+-2.0.pc
> /usr/lib/pkgconfig/gtk+-2.0.pc
> Is it a common problem? Is there a workaround?

Seems to be a result of the CSW X11 lib relocation to /opt/csw/X11/lib.
While looking for gtk+-2.0, pkg-config searches for xcb, falls back to
legacy gnome-config and fails (issue pkg-config with --debug to trace
this down).

Pointing PKG_CONFIG_PATH to /opt/csw/X11/lib does the trick for me.
Should this PKG_CONFIG_PATH be added to the GAR defaults?


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