[csw-maintainers] ganglia unofficial 3.1.3 RC in testing

Sebastian Kayser skayser at opencsw.org
Wed Sep 16 18:15:33 CEST 2009

Daniel Pocock schrieb:
> Sebastian Kayser wrote:
>> Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> > Thanks for all the assistance and feedback about the CSW packaging
>> process
>> >
>> > I've finally got the unofficial 3.1.3 code into testing now - feedback
>> > is welcome
>> your packages have the UNCOMMITED status (see their file names), which
>> means that you had uncommitted local changes when building the package.
>> UNCOMITTED packages won't be considered for the testing catalog.
>> Issue 'svn status' to see which files are still uncomitted, take care of
>> them (commit or branch if necessary), rebuild the packages and replace
>> the
>> current ones in /home/testing.
> That is because I don't want to commit the checksum for
> ganglia-3.1.3.tar.gz as it is not an official release
> There are a couple of Makefile changes that are safe to commit though.
> I'm planning to tag 3.1.3 upstream on Friday, but I would like to get
> feedback from OpenCSW users before I do that.

You could simply create a branch to work on the upcoming release.

  ~/mgar/pkg/ganglia$ svn cp trunk/ branches/ganglia-3.1.3-rc

Then continue your work there, commit the changes and you will get
packages without the UNCOMMITTED status. The point being: packages with
the UNCOMITTED status (as your current ones) are skipped by the script
that builds the testing catalog, i.e. pkg-get / pkgutil will NOT see them
(although they are happily stored in /home/testing).


P.S.: No need to CC me, i am on the list.

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