[csw-maintainers] Updated libiconv in testing, testing appreciated

Nicolai Schwindt schwindt at dfki.uni-kl.de
Fri Sep 18 10:30:47 CEST 2009

> > I will give your version a try, as I always did have a patched version of
> > iconv
> > around, and am using a self compiled version of 1.13.1 for quite some time
> > now.
> > I can state that this version generally functions well, troublemaker like
> > subversion works perfect with it.
> >
> > I'll let you know how things worked out
> cool, thanks for the support. Note though: I recently pulled the iconv
> packages from testing, because they were ones, aimed at the CSWiconv ->
> CSWlibiconv package name change. With various bits and pieces of our stack
> currently being under heavy change (gtk, pango, bdb) I would like to
> postpone such a (purely cosmetical) change.
> I will put new iconv packages with the current naming scheme into testing
> later this day. Will keep you updated.

This has been around for quite some time now - I installed und succesfully 
used on all
our machines. Subversion - being the most picky package about iconv utf8/646 
conversion -
still works like a charme. 

How aboout releasing it from testing ? Or did anybody have issues with this ?


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