[csw-maintainers] ganglia unofficial 3.1.3 RC in testing

Daniel Pocock daniel at opencsw.org
Tue Sep 22 16:20:04 CEST 2009

Daniel Pocock wrote:
> Sebastian Kayser wrote:
>> Daniel Pocock schrieb:
>> > Sebastian Kayser wrote:
>> >> Daniel Pocock wrote:
>> >>> Thanks for all the assistance and feedback about the CSW packaging
>> >> process
>> >>> I've finally got the unofficial 3.1.3 code into testing now - 
>> feedback
>> >>> is welcome
>> >> your packages have the UNCOMMITED status (see their file names), which
>> >> means that you had uncommitted local changes when building the 
>> package.
>> >> UNCOMITTED packages won't be considered for the testing catalog.
>> >>
>> >> Issue 'svn status' to see which files are still uncomitted, take 
>> care of
>> >> them (commit or branch if necessary), rebuild the packages and replace
>> >> the
>> >> current ones in /home/testing.
>> > That is because I don't want to commit the checksum for
>> > ganglia-3.1.3.tar.gz as it is not an official release
>> >
>> > There are a couple of Makefile changes that are safe to commit though.
>> > I'm planning to tag 3.1.3 upstream on Friday, but I would like to get
>> > feedback from OpenCSW users before I do that.
>> You could simply create a branch to work on the upcoming release.
>>   ~/mgar/pkg/ganglia$ svn cp trunk/ branches/ganglia-3.1.3-rc
> Thanks for the advice about this - I have done as you suggest, and now 
> the new packages are in testing again
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Ganglia 3.1.3 is now out on http://ganglia.info/testing and the version 
in OpenCSW testing has been updated.

It is basically the same as the packages I built last week in OpenCSW 
testing, with two more minor patches added just before release.

Has anyone tried these packages?  I would appreciate some feedback 
before moving them to newpkgs

Dago, are you happy to install them on the build farm?  If so, please 
let me know the name of the server where ganglia_web is installed, so I 
can check the web interface.

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