[csw-maintainers] /testing Some X11 proto updates

William Bonnet william at wbonnet.net
Thu Sep 24 23:18:36 CEST 2009


> Having x11proto_fonts_devel is so much different from the original
> name fontsproto that I wouldn't know what to install.

This naming is based on the debian way of naming. I agree that may be 
confusing if you compare to the original name. But this make sense to me 
to add the _devel suffix since it is a real devel package. If you look 
to its content, same kind of content for other libs are devel packages. 
x11_fontsproto_devel is maybe closer to the original.

BTW, you will certainly never have to install it by yourself since it is 
mostly a depend file (i personnaly never installed this one on a linux box).

Using this scheme or another, is not the major issue for me. I would 
only like we all agree on the same naming, and be sure to have a 
conclusion (i asked another question after the discussion between you 
and Phil...). I'm asking this to be sure there is no more pending 
question about this before more work is done.


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