[csw-maintainers] cswinetd and cswetcservices?

Darin Perusich Darin.Perusich at cognigencorp.com
Wed May 5 17:25:11 CEST 2010

Hello all,

Does the cswetcservices class check to see if a service is already
listed in /etc/services before adding it? I've updated the Amanda
package to use this class instead of a postinstall script and it's added
the services again, i.e they are listed twice.

Can someone explain or provide an example on how to have cswinetd *not*
enable services by default? The docs say it honors the autoenable_*
variables of cswinitsmf but after reviewing that documentation it's
still not clear to me. Additional, how does this handle an inetd service
that listens on both TCP and UDP?


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