[csw-maintainers] Where to report bugs for mgar ?

Peter Bonivart bonivart at opencsw.org
Wed Aug 3 16:46:49 CEST 2011

On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 3:58 PM, Jesse Reynolds <jesse at opencsw.org> wrote:
> OK, so what's the best one line description of what 'mgar newpkg' does?

Are you sure you're running the latest version?

bonivart at unstable9s[~]$ which mgar
bonivart at unstable9s[~]$ mgar version
bonivart at unstable9s[~]$ mgar
Wrapper around the GAR build system. Usage: mgar <action> [options]

Main actions:
  init [dir]          Initialize package build tree, defaults to ~/opencsw/
  index               Build/update the package build tree index
  locate <name>       Search a package within the package build tree index
  up [--all]          Update current (or all) package build descriptions
  newpkg <name> [ver] Create new package build directory

Package build actions (to be called from a package build directory):
  fetch               Download the package source
  makesum             Generate a checksum for the package source
  extract             Extract the packages source
  configure           Configure the packages source
  build               Build the package source
  package             Assemble the package
  platforms           Assemble packages for all platforms
  clean               Reset current directory working files (current platform)
  spotless            Reset the package build directory (all platforms)

  commit -m <msg>     Commit build recipe (prefixes msg with package path)
  show-srcdir         Show the location of the extracted package source
  show-stagedir       Show the location of the package staging directory
  find-file <name>    Find a file within the extracted package source
  edit-file <name>    Edit a file within the extracted package source

Other actions:
  modenv              Display employed compiler options
  scm <command>       Pass a command to the underlying SCM (currently: svn)
  show-buildsys       Display the location and version of the build system
  show-pkgtree        Show the location of the package build tree
  version             Display mgar version information

Note that it does indeed mention newpkg.


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