[csw-maintainers] Ongoing projects

Maciej Bliziński maciej at opencsw.org
Tue Aug 23 12:09:19 CEST 2011

There is a number of ongoing efforts that haven't been finished yet.
They vary in complexity and importance, but they can all be considered
important, as they concern core packages.  I'll list the projects
here, and I'd like to ask people who know the status of the project
(e.g. what's missing), to reply and describe what the projects are
blocking on. Also, if the list is incomplete, feel free to add missing

== krb5_lib ==

Contributors: Dagobert, Maciej
Status: active
Missing: The library split recipe is done, but the build links against
an old version of libkdb5.so from /opt/csw/lib. There are some
binaries depending on libkdb5.so.4, e.g. /opt/csw/sbin/kadmind, so if
we aren't updating this binary just yet, we need to split libkdb5.so.4
into a separate package.

== PHP 5 ==

Contributors: Ben
Status: used to be active, but no activity in last weeks
Missing: <fill in>

== Perl 5.12.4 ==

Works on the update to 5.12.4 are on the way. There are some failing
tests. Dagobert is working on this.

Contributors: Dagobert, El_Che (from #opencsw)
Status: active
Missing: <fill in>

== GCC 4.6.1 ==

Contributors: Maciej
Status: active
Missing: gcc-4.6.1 builds, except the Ada frontend.  Ada needs the PPL
library which doesn't currently compile.  Help would be appreciated,
as debugging PPL is separate from everything else. Also, g++ was
broken, and I'm rebuilding it to see if my guess about what was
broken, was right.

== MySQL 5.1 ==

Contributors: Maciej, Dagobert (alternatives support for 5.0)
Status: stale
Missing: 5.1 itself builds. There are conflicting binaries with 5.0.
The 5.0 recipe has been updated to use alternatives; the 5.1 recipe
needs updating the same way.  There are no other known blockers.

== PostgreSQL 9.x ==

Contributors: Maciej
Status: stale
Missing: There's a lot of moving of shared libraries to be done.  The
binaries themselves compile fine, but there are problems with 32/64
bits, where data from 32-bit binaries are incomaptible with the 64-bit
binaries. The main issue is how to package PostgreSQL so that multiple
versions can be installed at the same time. The builds I worked on use
/opt/csw (and not /opt/csw/postgresql).

== ImageMagick 64-bit ==

Contributors: Roger Hakansson
Status: stale?
Missing: <fill in>

== Ruby 1.9 ==

Contributors: Ben
Status: ?
Missing: <fill in>

== Python 2.7, Python 3.1 ==

Contributors: Maciej
Status: stale
Missing: No fundamental problems; rebuilds needed, dep refreshment
needed, testing needed.

== Sendmail with largefile suport ==

Contributors: Peter B
Status: ?
Missing: <fill in>


That's all I could write from the top of my head.  All the work that
has been done already, is committed to the repository.

As a project, we'll be better off if we focus on one project at a time
and get it finished, meaning, completed enough to be pushed out to the
world.  This way, we deliver to our users.

Perhaps some of the projects are very close to completion, and just a
little help could get them released.  For example, Ben has been
working on PHP, but he's now focusing on the release engine.  It's
clear that the release engine has more priority, but meanwhile,
perhaps another person could step in and move the php project
forwards. I'm sure Ben would be happy to provide more details on
what's the state of the project and what's left to be done.


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