[csw-maintainers] Code and package reviews

Maciej Bliziński maciej.blizinski at gmail.com
Wed Jul 6 10:06:23 CEST 2011

Em 05/07/2011 02:22, "Ben Walton" <bwalton at opencsw.org> escreveu:
> Excerpts from Maciej Bliziński's message of Mon Jun 13 06:05:41 -0400
> > Our aim is to build a culture in which peer review is one of the key
> > elements.  There needs to be an environment which encourages peer
> > reviews and makes them easy.
> A thought I had on the train tonight is that review could begin with
> the maintainer detailing the following changes for a package release:
> 1. Version info.
> 2. Changed configure options (if any).
> 3. Overrides used and why.
> 4. New or removed patches and their function.
> 5. Filesystem layout changes and how they're gracefully handled.
> Having the maintainer lay this info out clearly to kickstart the
> discussion does a few things:
> 1. Makes the maintainer think about the changes in a package at a
>   level higher than the build recipe.
> 2. Gives other maintainers insight into hot spots to review if they
>   want to look in more depth.

Sounds good. Would that be on the devel or the maintainers list?

I once had a bit of code that was creating a list of code commits that fall
between releases. A tool like this could be used to start a review email.

I also had an idea for a better package diff tool, which was basically a
different of two formatted python data structures. One of the issues was to
sort all the output so that the diff is meaningful.

I am on vacations this week; will provide more feedback when I get back.

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