[csw-maintainers] checkpkg errors

Dagobert Michelsen dam at opencsw.org
Thu Feb 23 13:43:24 CET 2012

Hi Ihsan,

Am 23.02.2012 um 13:40 schrieb İhsan Doğan:
> I was packaging a few new Perl modules and run into this issue with
> checkpkg:
> CHECKPKG_OVERRIDES_CSWpm-email-messageid +=
> pkginfo-bad-catalogname|pm_email-messageid

catalog names not contain '-', but '_'. It is best to leave CATALOGNAME empty if
it is the default.

> CHECKPKG_OVERRIDES_CSWpm-email-messageid +=
> catalogname-does-not-match-pkgname|pkgname=CSWpm-email-messageid|catalogname=pm_email-messageid|expected-catalogname=pm_email_messageid
> I missed probably a policy change. What would be the correct catalog name?

You may want to test in cpan/
  ./makemake Email::MessageID
which generates the Makefile automatically among other things.

Best regards

  -- Dago

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