[csw-maintainers] NMUs, non-maintainer uploads (was: reminder on contributing on recipes)

Yann Rouillard yann at pleiades.fr.eu.org
Wed Apr 10 22:21:27 CEST 2013

> ...it lists multiple maintainers. For a package such as MySQL, it
> makes complete sense. I don't know the internals, but I'm pretty sure
> that the list of maintainer is kept as a separate entity from the
> changelog.

The maintainers's information is located in the debian/control file, in the
source package.

> The question is, who will implement the changes. I'm currently working
> on restoring buildfarm functionality, I can't take on more or nothing
> will get done.

Yes that's the question. I can work on it after having finished the ssl
migration and fixed a problem with the scripts updating the package history
on the web site.

 Maybe pkgrequests would be best? If someone is making an inquiry about
> an orphaned package, it's very similar to someone making an inquiry to
> add something to our catalog - for us it means potentially starting to
> maintain a package we haven't been maintaining.

Among the existing list, pkgrequests is the best match.

So are we ok to use a fake maintainer like this one:  "Orphaned package" <
pkgrequests at lists.opencsw.org> ?

Any other opinion about this ?


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