New check: files needed but missing

Maciej (Matchek) Bliziński maciej at
Sat Mar 1 13:22:31 CET 2014

Hello maintainers,

While debugging a piece of checkpkg code, I've found out that there was a
bit of logic previously missed, that I needed to patch up.

Checkpkg uses a concept of needed files: if there is a symlink in a
package, that symlink needs the target file. Checkpkg will look if anything
provides the target file; it could be the same package as the symlink, or
another package. If it's another package, a dependency must be declared.

The problematic part was when no package was reported to provide the needed
file. Previously, checkpkg would ignore this situation. This would cause it
to e.g. not report dangling symlinks.

I've closed that hole in this commit:

This means you might see new error tags in your packages, the error tag
name is:


This check should only catch real problems in packages. If this check
misfires for you, please let me know and we'll see how to make it better.

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