We should talk about getting IPS packages going

Gordon Marler gmarler at opencsw.org
Thu May 15 19:43:15 CEST 2014

On 5/11/2014 5:59 PM, Maciej (Matchek) Bliziński wrote:
> Em 06/05/2014 06:08, "Gordon Marler" <gmarler at opencsw.org 
> <mailto:gmarler at opencsw.org>> escreveu:
> > Stripping out the features in mgar that are native to IPS is 
> probably important, to avoid duplication of effort.
> My idea was to use "mgar merge" to get the pkgroot directory. Then we 
> could use any means necessary to build an IPS package front that 
> pkgroot, taking as much information as possible from the GAR build 
> recipe. Then we would ask Dago for help in integrating it into GAR.
> Gordon, do you think it's possible to start that way? Is anything 
> blocking you?
Sounds reasonable.  Just getting myself reactivated and up to speed 
now.  IRC (I'll be gmarler, duh), and reading up on all that's changed 
while I've been "dormant".

I guess the only thing slowing me down would be this:

- I suppose we'll be starting this IPS repo from scratch, so I'd better 
start building packages from the foundation up, and we'll fix items as 
they show up as obstacles along the way.  Is there a nice way to either 
see or generate a dependency list of the package chain from the bottom 
up?  That'll provide a nice map to follow.

Separately, and I'll probably see this shortly, but is there a Solaris 
11 x86 or SPARC system in the buildfarm?  If not, I have an x86 variant 
available.  Having a SPARC M-x000 or T4 or higher will be required if we 
want to have dual binary builds for each package, which IPS supports 
now.  If not, it's easily added later.

> Maciej

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