replacement getline function

Oliver Kiddle opk at
Sun Oct 9 08:59:54 CEST 2016

A new nmh release is approaching and I'm getting fixes for a Solaris
build into the upstream release. One of the issues is with the lack
of a system getline function. I've got the autoconf/automake issues
worked out for a replacement function but the only issue is to choose a
replacement. There are two candidates to copy in the mgar repository:


I included the first in a mail to the nmh list and there were comments
made that it "whiffs a bit" and that we should have an attribution.
nmh itself uses 3-clause BSD so the gnulib implementation wouldn't be a
good choice.

Any idea what the original source of those two replacements was? First
was committed by Dagobert, second by Peter Felecan. Or any
recommendations for a good implementation where origin is clear for the
purposes of an attribution?



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