replacement getline function

Peter FELECAN pfelecan at
Mon Oct 10 12:01:09 CEST 2016

Oliver Kiddle <opk at> writes:

> Peter FELECAN wrote:
>> > reprepro/trunk/files/0004-implement-missing-getline-function.patch
>> >
>> > I included the first in a mail to the nmh list and there were comments
>> > made that it "whiffs a bit" and that we should have an attribution.
>> The second one whiffs also ? If so, suggest amelioration path.
> No comments were made on the second. It looks perfectly fine to me.
> And as the person who made those comments[1] hasn't been forthcoming
> with their own implementation, I'm inclined to commit the second
> (i.e. yours) and he's welcome to change it later.

Note that my implementation is quite simple minded. If you look to some
other implementations, e.g. Illumos/OpenSolaris, they take cara of a lot
more corner case but are writtent under licenses which are possibly
incomfortable for your project.

>> My implementation is based on the manual page on systems where it exist,
>> such as GNU/Linux. Consequently, if you need an attribution I can give
>> it to you.
> I had assumed that you had probably cribbed it from elsewhere but if it
> is your work, that's easier. I do need an attribution in some form.
> Either a suitable comment that can be placed before it in the code or if
> you want, I could commit getline with git commit --author= naming you,
> treating it as just a regular code contribution to nmh.

It is my lazy, i.e. necessary and sufficient for reprepro,
work. Probably the git commit is the simplest path. However, if it's
cleaner from your standpoint, I can provide you the files, header and
compilation unit, with a comment and a public domain mention.

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