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Mon Oct 31 20:37:00 CET 2016

Good evening,

Am 31.10.2016 um 16:54 schrieb Laurent Blume:

>> Long time no see... Here's an article I've just read. I think that we're
>> doing pretty well in this regard! Still, it's good to be actively
>> conscious of the issue.
> Looks like somebody hasn't quite grasped yet that the Internet of today
> is used mostly by non-IT consumers, unlike their beloved Internet of the
> 90's, which was mostly reserved to tech people (the rest was parked in a
> special area called AOL).
> Is he going to whine about it until he runs out of breath? Is he also
> going to whine that those tech types of the 90's built an easy-to-use
> Internet that eventually allowed any non-IT consumer to connect to it
> like it were an AOL browser?
> Free email addresses for everybody doesn't seem like such a smart move
> now, hmmm? :)

Laurent, I can't agree more. :-)


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