[csw-users] blastwave package question

Virden, Larry W. lvirden at cas.org
Tue Aug 22 19:16:33 CEST 2006

While I understand what you mean, the administrators of our systems
prefer not to take those chances.
So I'm back playing with makefiles and package dependencies. But thank
you very much for your time!

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Virden, Larry W. wrote:
> That clinches the discussion then - I won't be able to make use of the

> blastwave packages.
> Unfortunately, trying to build all of this stuff is very painful - 
> days spent trying to figure out what is wrong, what needs to be 
> downloaded, what needs to be configured to get it to build. Sigh. Oh 
> well, what has to be, is what has to be.

You can still use blastwave packages that do not replace Sun files. I
don't know if other CSW packages do that, maybe it's just CSWsendmail.
Ask here if in doubt.  :)
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