[csw-users] Problems with new Gnome on Solaris9/Sparc

ken mays maybird1776 at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 24 12:18:32 CEST 2006

Now, something at least seems to work, but there are
still many 

 - gnome-terminal sometimes crashes when pressing a
menu button
 - the gnome settings daemon crashes from time to time
 - The clock applet seems to be missing. 
 - gnome-volume-control gives the startup error 
   "No volume control gstreamer plugins or devices

Please, help me. Is there something trivial I
Should I better go back to Gnome 2.8? Is someone
running the new Gnome 
on Sol9 without those problems? Or do all the
blastwave developers use 
Solaris 10?
Regards, Meik


Well, we'd have to say that GNOME is unstable - yet
what else besides GNOME is unstable??? GIMP ??

What you mentioned is being worked on. You need
gstplugins-good which is used by two other packages
which contain the applets and volume control you
mentioned. That package sits in /testing at the

Other fixes are under way, yet time is an issue to
work on these things. Also, I have to look at unstable
myself and test what works with the new GNOME.

If you need the GNOME desktop, use the stable one
(GNOME 2.8). 

Thanks for your input and notes on the workarounds.
That is what we need to make CSW GNOME better on


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