[csw-users] Which SUN* pkg supplanted by CSW* pkg?

George Wyche gwyche at io.com
Fri Sep 7 18:39:00 CEST 2007


I am just going through Solaris 10 8/07 "upgrade". I marked "custom" and I
see a lot of packages that I know duplicate what I am now getting from

I omitted a lot of those. However, I bet I missed a bunch. I can easily
review the packages I have added via Blastwave.

Do we have a way of knowing which SUNW* packages may be removed each time
we add a Blastwave package? Depending on a  simple phrase in the pkg name
leaves me uneasy about doing a pkgrm of a SUNW pkg with the same phrase.

I can guess that there is not necessarily a one for one match up. There
might not even be a SUNW(group) to CSW(group) match up. Where a match up
DOES occur, I want to pkgrm the SUNW version.

Any advise?


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