[csw-users] Initial Solaris Installation and Blastwave Package Installation

Dennis Clarke dclarke at blastwave.org
Tue Sep 11 18:25:04 CEST 2007

> On 9/11/07, Dennis Clarke <dclarke at blastwave.org> wrote:
>> In fact, one could easily build an OpenSolaris based distro with just core
>> functions in it and then drag in the Blastwave software for userland
>> stuff.
> Hi Dennis,
> I remember you mentioning a project like this (Chinkara/gazelle)? Has
> there been any progress?

I was caught up in some business issues that really took me away. I have my
hands into too many company interests right now and I want to focus sharply
on products and services related to Solaris and OpenSolaris. It is a niche
market to be sure but a good one. A market with very loyal users and

With some re-structuring out of the way ( damn lawyers! ) I am able to get
back to work again.

So .. the short answer is .. not much .. but much coming soon.

There are maillists to join if you care to and I hope that you do.
Please see Gazelle and Chinkara at :



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