[csw-users] Why support Solaris 8 onwards?

Thiele, Karl D (Karl) karl.d.thiele at verizonbusiness.com
Mon Sep 17 21:43:39 CEST 2007

I like Trygve suggestion.   I would not put a lot into supporting Solaris 8. If an update builds there straight out fine, but I would waste time shoe horning to work on Solaris 8.  Just leave some documentation if you want the new things move to .....   But keep the archive of what works now. From what I have been told, the company I am at are paying some big  bucks for Solaris 8 support, it is not a question of having or not having support.

End of my 2 cents..  BTW lot of folks here really appreciate the work Blastwave does, not expressed often enough.


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Ben Taylor wrote:
> Thiele, Karl D (Karl) wrote:
>> Folks,
>> Oh, I need to weight in here, very much on the side of Anthony.  Well an
>> ls | wc -l of /home shows me 167 solaris 8 blades, these are just in my
>> group. We are one of the biggest customers of Sun. We will be moving
>> most of our Suns to Solaris 10 from 8 within the next 6-12 months only
>> because of hardware upgrades to production. New boxes do not support
>> Solaris 8.
>> All the developers of UNIX based applications, at this company, have now
>> come to rely on Blastwave. Almost everyone runs kde. (do not send us
>> back to CDE, I would have to consider finding a new job).
>> "If it is not broke do not fix it."  So true in business. Some boxes
>> that are not being replaced, will remain solaris 8.
>> You could even freeze off adding new software for Solaris 8, but do not
>> get rid of it. It is just disk space and that is cheap these days.
> I do not believe I was suggesting that Solaris 8 support be
> discontinued.  My experience with Open Source software is
> that there are substantially fewer "porters" of OSS to Solaris
> than other platforms.  Given that, I think it's a huge waste
> of time to have to jump through hoops to get new code
> working on such an old OS. 

This is the strategy I would like to see Blastwave use.

I think that a more balanced view of effort vs number and quality of 
packages would be nice. If it works on Solaris 8, great, but if it 
doesn't and it is a pain to get going, drop it. Make sure to have a bug 
reporting system where you can see how many people request supporting it 
on an older version too!



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