[csw-users] vimtutor bad trap problem when /opt/csw/bin not in $PATH

Manish Agrawal magrawal at coba.usf.edu
Wed Sep 19 14:59:42 CEST 2007

When /opt/csw/bin is not in the path, vimtutor does not run. This is a problem because I am using Solaris zones in a classroom environment to teach some basic system administration (including introduction to vi) and to give students the opportunity to implement some UNIX STIG controls. There is one zone per student, and I don't want to modify the default /etc/default/login during zone creation using zonemgr (I want students to go in and do it themselves if they like). Requiring students to first edit /etc/default/login, logout, and log back in, seems to be an unnecessary hurdle.

Is it possible to modify vimtutor so that it works with the default paths.


-bash-3.00$ /opt/csw/bin/vimtutor
/opt/csw/bin/vimtutor: trap: bad trap
vi: illegal option -- u
Usage: vi [- | -s] [-l] [-L] [-wn] [-R] [-S] [-r [file]] [-t tag]
[-v] [-V] [-x] [-C] [+cmd | -c cmd] file...
vi: illegal option -- u
Usage: vi [- | -s] [-l] [-L] [-wn] [-R] [-S] [-r [file]] [-t tag]
[-v] [-V] [-x] [-C] [+cmd | -c cmd] file...

-bash-3.00$ echo $PATH

-bash-3.00$ uname -a
SunOS dcomsm1 5.10 Generic_118833-33 sun4v sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-T200

-bash-3.00# zonemgr -a list
   ID NAME             STATUS         PATH
    0 global           running        /
    1 vexavier         running        /export/zones/vexavier
    2 afreickm         running        /export/zones/afreickm
    3 tzharp           running        /export/zones/tzharp
    5 misma            running        /export/zones/misma
    6 cjjohnso         running        /export/zones/cjjohnso
    7 pwburke          running        /export/zones/pwburke
    8 jpcarson         running        /export/zones/jpcarson
    9 dcomsm1          running        /export/zones/dcomsm1
   11 tapostle         running        /export/zones/tapostle
   12 mkording         running        /export/zones/mkording
   13 adontams         running        /export/zones/adontams
   14 dlogsdon         running        /export/zones/dlogsdon
   15 tlotzke          running        /export/zones/tlotzke
   16 svmehta          running        /export/zones/svmehta
   18 smoline          running        /export/zones/smoline
   19 cnolet           running        /export/zones/cnolet
   20 jparappa         running        /export/zones/jparappa
   21 aramin           running        /export/zones/aramin
   22 trosenga         running        /export/zones/trosenga
   23 bschwegm         running        /export/zones/bschwegm
   24 mweibley         running        /export/zones/mweibley
   25 fdwillia         running        /export/zones/fdwillia
   26 chisseri         running        /export/zones/chisseri
   27 cdafnis          running        /export/zones/cdafnis
   28 cmillsap         running        /export/zones/cmillsap

-bash-3.00$ pkginfo -l CSWvim
    PKGINST:  CSWvim
       NAME:  vim - Vi IMproved
   CATEGORY:  application
       ARCH:  sparc
    VERSION:  7.0.109,REV=2006.09.18
    BASEDIR:  /
     VENDOR:  ftp://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/unix/ packaged for CSW by Cory Omand
     PSTAMP:  comand at ra-20060918154023
   INSTDATE:  Sep 18 2007 16:25
    HOTLINE:  http://www.blastwave.org/bugtrack/
      EMAIL:  comand at blastwave.org
     STATUS:  completely installed
      FILES:        7 installed pathnames
                    1 shared pathnames
                    1 directories
                    2 executables
                 5270 blocks used (approx)

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