[csw-users] LD_LIBRARY_PATH evil

Dennis Clarke dclarke at blastwave.org
Wed Sep 19 23:10:34 CEST 2007

>Someone much smarter then me - At least in this area :-) - said....
>    It is far from harmless, in fact it is HIGHLY toxic.  It isn't the
>    /opt/csw/bin that it the problem but the duplicate but different
>    versions of stuff from /usr/lib and other Solaris core lib
>    directories it duplicates into /opt/csw/lib.  This can and will lead
>    to very hard to diagnoise problems due to more of more of the
>    following (plus some others): multiple different binary libs in same
>    process, similar libs with partialy the same API (libldap vs
>    openldap variant is one very toxic case), correct API/ABI but
>    different build options for same libary, etc.
>    The only correct way out of this is to rebase Blastwave for each
>    operating system version so that it never duplicates libraries that
>    are part of the core OS unless it does so by linking them RLTD_GROUP
>    (which it doesn't). ld(1) -B group
>Not to mention that anyone who insists on using LD_LIBRARY_PATH  or
>fiddles with crle can create no end of problems.

I thought we had agreed back in 2002 that LD_LIBRARY_PATH was evil and too
be avoided.

I generally build and link with very simple environment vars in place
and have had no problems. Even with GCC 4.2.1 builds.

I would like to open up discussions on how we could install a core Solaris
10 Update 4 workstation config and then pkg-get -i gnome and see what
problems have been created.

I can easily do this with Solaris 8 but that defeats the purpose.

As you can tell .. I am making a ham handed approach at moving forwards with
constructive discussions.


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