[csw-users] Porting facter and puppet packages to mGAR

Gary Law glaw at opencsw.org
Mon Mar 16 21:52:18 CET 2009

2009/3/16 Roger Håkansson <roger.hakansson at gmail.com>

> Maciej Bliziński wrote:
>> Hi Gary,
>> I can see you're using custom shell scripts to build facter and puppet
>> packages[1]. Would you mind porting those builds to mGAR?
> In the spirit of the thematics of the month and having a few free minutes I
> took a quick look at it to help Gary.
> facter was no problem and what's in svn now builds a package which should
> be just like the released one.

> I'm not sure which address Gary actually uses.

I'm pretty good at ignoring all of them.  ;)  so sorry to get into this
discussion late, I'm a little busy at the moment.  ..

Most of my packages are in mgar, but not facter and puppet thus far. They're
very custom, not you're usual configure/make/make install. Then again, I
just got djbdns into mgar, and that's a fairly custom too, so I'm sure it's
doable.  I'll take a look at the facter output when I get some free time for
testing it.

> puppet is a bit trickier since there are two startup scripts and I'm really
> not used to create packages which have startup scipts.
> What's in svn isn't complete to build a package, right now pkgmk breaks due
> to problems with the startup scripts, but I commited it anyway so Gary at
> least have a starting point.

The startup scripts are based on those shipped by puppet's developers, nice
of them to put together svcadm friendly xml files, I just needed to sed 'em
into CSW-friendly paths. Not too tricky. I've also, purely for my own
purposes, just put together the needed methods and xmls for puppetmaster,
and was planning to pop these into the next update of the package I go.

If you want to see the gory details of the scripts, in order to see what
customisation needs to be ported into gar, they're here:
I've just re-uploaded tonight to make sure the published ones are the latest
and greatest.

I fully intend to get these into mgar. One day. I've also suggested to the
maintainers list that all CSW software be either ported to mgar or
desupported. Custom scripts are really not the way to go. I feel, at the
very least, the custom scripts that are used need to be published or the
software pulled from the archives.

Anyway, thanks for taking a look.


Gary Law
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