[csw-users] updated gftp 2.0.19 in /testing

Jake Goerzen jgoerzen at opencsw.org
Tue Mar 17 05:18:51 CET 2009

Hi, updated gftp (version 2.0.19) packages are availble in /testing

changes since last version:

Cleanups to the networking code
Fixed several segfaults.
Several i18n fixes
Added support for wildcard SSL certificates
Fixes for downloading files using SFTP where the user doesn't have
write access to the file.
Disable some features of the remote FTP server is a VMS server or OS/400
Fixed Solaris compile problem and pty issue under HPUX
Updated to use FSPLIB 0.9
Added Tango styled icon theme
The menus are now a little closer to other GNOME applications
New/updated language translations: ar bg ca cs da de dz el en_CA en_GB
el es fi fr gl gu he hu it ja ko lt lv mk nb ne nl no oc pt_BR pt_po
ro ru rw sv uk zh_HK zh_TW

Thanks, Jake

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