[csw-users] ap2_modphp install

Nicolai Schwindt schwindt at dfki.uni-kl.de
Tue Mar 17 18:11:07 CET 2009

... fails. Because it is not in the catalog file.

tcsh at isg-1504 [/var/pkg-get] grep -l ap2_modphp5 *

Unlike :

tcsh at isg-1504 [/var/pkg-get] grep -l php5_ldap *

I did try several mirrors ( ibiblio, erlangen i.e.) - so I think it is not my 
local mirror.

Where as this works:

tcsh at isg-1504 [~] pkg-get -D ap2_modphp5
# (Descriptions from site serv-1500 )
ap2_modphp5 - PHP 5 - Apache 2.2.x Module

Are the mirrors out of sync or did I miss something ?


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