[csw-users] pkgutil 1.5 beta 3 - please help with testing

Sebastian Kayser skayser at opencsw.org
Thu Mar 26 13:52:47 CET 2009

Peter Bonivart wrote:
> Pkgutil, the easy to use install utility, will soon be released as
> version 1.5 and I would like some extra testing.
> One big change is that you can now have any number of mirrors
> configured and pkgutil will automatically select the latest package
> available unless you specify a version explicitly. For example, if you
> have this in pkgutil.conf:
> mirror=http://ibiblio.org/pub/packages/solaris/opencsw/current
> mirror=http://mirror.opencsw.org/opencsw/testing
> It will pick from the testing mirror if a later version is available
> there but if you explicitly say that you want another version it will
> select that one

Peter, one more thing. Is it possible to specify a local file://
repository, too? We have some local build machines here and i would love
to just point pkgutil to a mount point rather than setting up a web server.


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