[csw-users] Sunblade 2K Audio broken - Suspect CSW package

Bart xc68000 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 05:51:06 CET 2010

Well, this is my 3rd install of Solaris 10 U8 on my Sunblade 2000.  I 
*think* there is a CSW package that is breaking my audio.  Symptoms are 
that I install Solaris and audio works fine.  I start installing CSW 
packages and audio breaks.  Basically audio is left in a state that 
there is nothing but static over any output device.  No amount of 
fooling around with the mixer input/output settings will fix it.

This last time, Audio went out as soon as I finished installing BZFlag.  
I've been very careful to check audio after each CSW install.   A lot of 
packages got pulled in with this (SDL perhaps?)  I can't figure this 
out.  Last install I did, I left it stock Solaris 10 for a few days just 
to see if it was some weird issue that only happened after the machine 
was up for awhile.  Nope.

Here is what has been installed on top of a fresh Solaris Install -

    - CSW Firefox
    - CSW Thunderbird
    - CSW XChat
    - CSW Gnome Minimal
    - CSW BZFlag <----This is where audio broke

I can confirm that the audio drivers in /dev and /dev/sound were 
untouched (as they should be).  This feels like a library/codec issue 
because the drivers behave normally and the mixer control devices work 
as they are suppose to, but just get LOUD static with the occasional 
something that sounds like the source material trying to come through.

I ran SXCE for a couple of months with no issues at all (including CSW 

Sorry I can't give more information.  I really need to troubleshoot this 
and get audio working again.  Any help in this would be greatly appreciated.


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