[csw-announce] Sendmail Package Update Alert

Alex Moore asmoore at blastwave.org
Fri Dec 16 01:01:12 CET 2005

This is a warning and cure for a problem that I recently found with my
sendmail package version 8.13.5.  The preremove script is bad.

There is an update on the way to the mirrors, starting this evening,
that fixes the preremove script problem plus a bugreport fix for the
sparc package when you try to access your berkeleydb4 database (if you
actually use one).  The new version is 8.13.5,REV=2005.12.14

Two options on the preremove:

1) The simplest but with the most risk: Before running pkg-get to
update sendmail, make sure that you run `/etc/init.d/cswsendmail stop`
or whatever you are using to stop sendmail.  This worked fine with the
8.13.5 package installed on my tests.  However, you MUST remember to do
this.  Well, if you forget, it is no big deal.  Just control+c the hung
install and follow step 2) below.

2) The safest and sure-fire method:  With wget or your preference,
download http://www.blastwave.org/testing/sendmail-preremove
to /var/sadm/pkg/CSWsendmail/install/preremove
Note the file name change.  DO THIS NOW if you can.

Thanks and sorry for the bother,


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