[csw-announce] tetex 3.0

Peter FELECAN pfelecan at blastwave.org
Wed Mar 9 13:34:45 CET 2005

The tetex 3.0 packages are available at the usual mirrors.

This is a major release, the notable changes being:

- updated programs: web2c 7.5.4, xdvik 22.84.8, dvipsk 5.95a, texinfo 4.8,
  pdfetex 1.21a (based on TeX-3.141592 and eTeX-2.2), Omega
- distributed tree is no longer mixed with cached runtime date or updated
  configuration files (which eases distribution management and updates)
- added programs: dvipng (convert dvi -> png) and aleph (conbines a stable
  omega version with features of eTeX)
- updated texmf tree with updated many updated / added packages. Most
  notably: LaTeX2e <2003/12/01>, ConTeXt version 2005.01.24, Latin Modern
  fonts, beamer and memoir package
- distributed texmf tree rearranged to meet the specification of TDS
  rev. 1.1
- pdfetex is now the default engine used for most formats (including
- texconfig / updmap / fmtutil can now be used in a multi-user environment

For a smooth transition, please read carefully the specific
documentation that you can find as /opt/csw/doc/tetex/TETEXDOC.pdf
after installation.

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