[csw-announce] pkg-get v4.0 release

Philip Brown phil at bolthole.com
Tue Dec 16 01:06:50 CET 2008

Hello, CSW users!

I'm happy to announce that pkg-get v4.0, is finally being released as
a CSW package.
It has sat in testing for quite a while. Although I havent
had any positive feedback, I havent had any negative feedback either,
so here it is :-)

This is a long-delayed release, that finally makes public, features that
were added way back in march 2008, but were not publically released until

One of which is the use of the -v flag, to tell you how much data will be
downloaded for an install

The following shows how many packages and bytes will be downloaded, for
installing firefox, on a raw untouched machine:

$  pkg-get -v -i firefox
No existing install of CSWfirefox found. Installing...
          CSWfirefox                        firefox 18375313 bytes
          CSWbonobo2                     libbonobo2 1850648 bytes
	  [46 packages snipped.... ]
          CSWopencdk                        opencdk 139569 bytes
         CSWreadline                       readline 645533 bytes
        CSWossldevel                  openssl_devel 4051705 bytes
        CSWosslutils                  openssl_utils 309635 bytes

The -v flag also works for "update" mode... However, 
"recursive update" has not been implemented yet, at this time.
There are additional safety checks I wish to work out, before
making that sort of thing automatic.

Example output of current behaviour, where pkg-get shows ONLY the dependancies
that are out of date for the desired firefox update:

# pkg-get -v  -u firefox  
          CSWfirefox                        firefox 18375313 bytes
          CSWlibxml2                        libxml2 1528032 bytes
         CSWreadline                       readline 645533 bytes

# pkg-get -u firefox

will still bomb out complaining about out of date depdendancies.  But on
the brighter side, you can now explicitly know just how MANY are out of
date beforehand, with the -v flag.

Additionally, and it will now warn you about out-of-date-ness, BEFORE
pkgrm'ing the currently installed firefox package.

The sample output of out-of-date dependancies, also gives you the information
you would need to manually update just the packages required for firefox.
In the above case, you can put together a commandline in reverse order,

# pkg-get -u readline libxml2 firefox

and that will go through and update all the required packages for firefox
in one shot.

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