[bug-notifications] [cups 0002924]: A subsiture package for SUNWpcr and SUNWpcu should be provided

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Wed Nov 18 10:33:51 CET 2009

A NOTE has been added to this issue. 
Reported By:                dam
Assigned To:                maciej
Project:                    cups
Issue ID:                   2924
Category:                   packaging
Reproducibility:            always
Severity:                   feature
Priority:                   normal
Status:                     assigned
Date Submitted:             2008-07-08 07:43 CEST
Last Modified:              2009-11-18 10:33 CET
Summary:                    A subsiture package for SUNWpcr and SUNWpcu should
be provided
It would be cool to have a package containing links of /usr/bin/lp* to the
cups binaries which acts as a plug-in-replacemenet for the supplied System
V provided. The package should be flagged INCOMPATIBLE with the above

 (0007008) skayser (administrator) - 2009-11-18 10:33
Regarding replacing the printing system, we also do it manually via a JET 
custom_scripts on installation (because we have had problems with the stock
Solaris printing system). It's a bit more invasive though as we pkgrm a
couple of more packages. It's a workaround, but serves us well.

# Substitute stock Solaris 10 cups installation with OpenCSW
# cups. Plain cups submitted all file types as text/plain
# to our Cups server (might have changed) ...
# http://forums.sun.com/thread.jspa?threadID=5375841&tstart=0


/usr/sbin/svcadm disable print/ppd-cache-update
/usr/sbin/svcadm disable print/rfc1179

# pkgrm pkgs one by one. If we would pkgrm all at once and
# just one of them is not present (or other errors occur) the
# whole pkgrm would abort
        SUNWctlu SUNWmp SUNWpsu SUNWscplp
        SUNWppm SUNWpcu SUNWpsr SUNWpcr
        SUNWipplu SUNWipplr"

for p in $SUNCUPS_PKGS; do
        /usr/bin/yes | /usr/sbin/pkgrm -a $ADMIN_FILE $p

/opt/csw/bin/pkgutil -yi cupsclient
mkdir -p /opt/csw/etc/cups
echo "Servername printsrv.consol.de" > /etc/opt/csw/cups/client.conf
/opt/csw/bin/lpoptions -d polarmist

grep CSWcupsclient /var/sadm/install/contents | \
        grep /bin/ | awk '{ print $1 }' | \
        while read f; do ln -s $f /usr/bin/; done

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