[bug-notifications] [pm_cpan_meta 0005024]: Need to modify Config.pm and Config_heavy.pm to get builds to work

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Thu Nov 22 01:43:15 CET 2012

The following issue has been REOPENED. 
Reported By:                lsiden
Assigned To:                dam
Project:                    pm_cpan_meta
Issue ID:                   5024
Reproducibility:            always
Severity:                   major
Priority:                   normal
Status:                     feedback
Date Submitted:             2012-11-21 20:50 CET
Last Modified:              2012-11-22 01:43 CET
Summary:                    Need to modify Config.pm and Config_heavy.pm to get
builds to work
I tried to install a Perl module IO::Pty that was unavailable in the dublin
distro and was unable to compile anything.  

First I had to modify /opt/csw/lib/perl/5.10.1/Config.pm to point to the
gcc compiler instead of the one supplied by SunOS.

When trying to install again, CPAN complained that it could not run
/opt/csw/gcc4/bin/gcc although I could run it fine from a shell
command-line.  Inspecting the compile.log file under the build directory
for IO::Tty (the module it was attempting to build as a prerequisite to
IO::Pty) revealed that gcc could not cope with an argument -norunpath. 
There are many others that the Sun version of the C/C++ compiler and ld
will work with but gcc will not.

I am attaching both my modified Config.pm and Config_heavy.pl that allowed
installs requiring compiler runs to proceed successfully.

I believe that this issue applies equally to CPAN and CPANPLUS.

 (0010226) lsiden (reporter) - 2012-11-22 01:43
Sorry to re-open, Dagbert.  I though of sending you a private e-mail but I
think its better that the answer to this be recorded on this thread for
others to see:
Thank you for the info, Dagbert.  Would you please help me clarify?  Is
stlport the package that I need to install.  If so, then is there an
alternate Config.pm and Config_heavy.pm that are compatible with Oracle-Sun
Studio to replace the ones I submitted with this issue to be compatible
with gcc?  The versions that come with the CSW Perl distro appeared to be
built for the original SunOS C compiler, unless I'm missing something else.

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