[cas_migrateconf 0004543]: Configuration migration doesn't work properly if a directory is given

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Thu Nov 26 12:42:29 CET 2015

The following issue is now in status NEW (again) 
Reported By:                yann
Assigned To:                
Project:                    cas_migrateconf
Issue ID:                   4543
Category:                   regular use
Reproducibility:            always
Severity:                   minor
Priority:                   normal
Status:                     new
Date Submitted:             2010-09-03 14:54 CEST
Last Modified:              2015-11-26 12:42 CET
Summary:                    Configuration migration doesn't work properly if a
directory is given

According to the wiki page, cswclassutils cswmigrateconf class action
script can migrate a whole directory: "If a path specified in MIGRATE_FILES
is a directory, the whole directory tree is going to be copied." [1]

However I was not able to use this mode successfully with vsftpd. 
It seems that before doing the migration, the script always tries to test
the existence of /etc/opt/csw/vsftpd.CSW which is not applicable in the
directory case:

  # If there's a sample configuration file, remove the copied one.
  if [ -r "${__sample_conf}" ]; then
    if files_are_identical "${__sample_conf}" "${__dest_file_name}"; then
      return "${__do_copy}"
      return "${__do_not_copy}"

Have I done something wrong or is it a bug ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

[1] http://wiki.opencsw.org/cswclassutils-package#toc15

 (0010783) maciej (administrator) - 2014-03-24 00:50
There is no point in waiting for this bug to be fixed. If you want it
fixed, you (yes, you the reader) need to fix it yourself. If you're not
already a package maintainer at OpenCSW, you can look at the 35 minute long
tutorial[1] to get started - then you can offer your patch to package
maintainers. You can find OpenCSW people on the users mailing list[2] and
on the #opencsw channel on IRC on Freenode[3].

[1] Packaging tutorial http://youtu.be/JWKCbPJSaxw
[2] OpenCSW users mailing list
[3] #opencsw on Freenode http://www.opencsw.org/support/irc-channel/

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