[csw-buildfarm] CSWlibx11

James Lee james at opencsw.org
Sun Nov 23 16:33:58 CET 2008

CSWlibx11 is installed on the build machine but is not a released
package.  It's not easy to avoid /opt/csw/lib/libX11.so.6 and pick
up other software from /opt/csw/lib.

Please can we remove or release CSWlibx11.

As a general note can we NOT install packages that are not released,
this could have been installed locally and picked up where needed
with -L.

$ pkginfo -l CSWlibx11
   PKGINST:  CSWlibx11
      NAME:  libx11 - X11 client-side library
  CATEGORY:  application
      ARCH:  i386
   VERSION:  1.1.5,REV=2008.11.19
    VENDOR:  http://xorg.freedesktop.org/releases/individual/lib/ 
packaged for CSW by William Bonnet
    PSTAMP:  wbonnet at build8x-r2317UNCOMMITTED-20081119175650
  INSTDATE:  Nov 19 2008 19:55
   HOTLINE:  http://www.opencsw.org/bugtrack/
     EMAIL:  wbonnet at opencsw.org
    STATUS:  completely installed
     FILES:     1066 installed pathnames
                   5 shared pathnames
                  65 directories
                   4 executables
               11363 blocks used (approx)

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