[csw-buildfarm] Please install CSWnetpbm, CSWpsutils

James Lee james at opencsw.org
Sat Feb 28 11:21:46 CET 2009

Please install CSWnetpbm and CSWpsutils on the build machines:

# pkg-get -i netpbm psutils

Thank you.

>From my configuration output...

checking for pnmcut... missing
checking for pnmcrop... missing
checking for pnmtopng... missing
checking for psselect... missing
checking for pnmtops... missing
configure: WARNING: missing programs:

  The programs
     `pnmcut', `pnmcrop', `pnmtopng', `psselect' and `pnmtops'
  cannot be found in the PATH.
  Consequently, groff's HTML backend (grohtml) will not work properly;
  therefore, it will neither be possible to prepare, nor to install,
  documentation in HTML format.

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