[csw-buildfarm] what is different on buildfarm? mercurial tests take long - or fail

Dagobert Michelsen dam at opencsw.org
Mon Jan 4 10:33:53 CET 2010

Hi Rupert,

Am 02.01.2010 um 12:18 schrieb rupert THURNER:
> while testing mercurial-1.4.2 i noticed that the tests take long - or
> forever on build8s. and they fail with network errors on build10s.
> as i did not have time to wait if they end at 8s, i breaked them and i
> tried 1.4.1 as well, which also did not complete in a reasonable time.
> so i wonder what might cause this. the new python? the new ipv6?  
> something else?

You may want to try test8s which doesn't have the novelties above.
If you want to have net access from the build machines you have to
use a proxy.

Best regards

   -- Dago

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