[csw-buildfarm] Lost access to build9s-yann

Dagobert Michelsen dam at opencsw.org
Sun Feb 13 17:05:09 CET 2011

Hi Yann,

Am 13.02.2011 um 15:39 schrieb Yann Rouillard:
> I am currently testing last openssh package on the build9s-yann machine, kindly provided by Dago, but by mistake I logged out while opensshd server was down.
> Could you relaunch openssh on it so I can re-log on it again ?
> Or maybe enable sun native ssh on an alternative port so I already have an alternative access ?

Sure, Sun SSH is now on 2222:

> dam at login [login]:/home/dam > ssh -p 2222 root at build9s-yann
> The authenticity of host 'build9s-yann (' can't be established.
> RSA key fingerprint is 5c:d7:bb:c7:0c:a7:d8:3a:e4:1d:3d:c4:5f:7c:81:6b.
> Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes
> Warning: Permanently added 'build9s-yann,' (RSA) to the list of known hosts.
> Password: 
> Last login: Sun Feb 13 17:02:11 2011
> current9s-yann# 

Best regards

  -- Dago

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