pkg promotion not working?

Jan Holzhueter via buildfarm buildfarm at
Thu Dec 4 13:24:38 CET 2014

Am 04.12.14 um 11:27 schrieb Maciej (Matchek) Bliziński via buildfarm:
> Sorry, I've accidentally hit "send". Here'are some more details:
> The integration only updates the state of the database. If the state of
> the database doesn't get written to disk / package mirror, we don't see
> the changes.
> The way to see it is:
> click "buildfarm database"
> click "catalogs"
> choose a catalog
> You can check if your package is there. If it is there but not on the
> mirror, then the problem lies with the catalog generation rather than
> package promotions.
> The log from catalog generation is here:
> (part of tribal knowledge, unfortunately)
> ...and it says:
> DEBUG:root:/etc/opt/csw/releases/auth/web could not be read: [Errno 2]
> No such file or directory: '/etc/opt/csw/releases/auth/web'
> DEBUG:root:ShellCommand(ssh '-o BatchMode=yes' '-o
> StrictHostKeyChecking=no' login cat /etc/opt/csw/releases/auth/web)
> DEBUG:root:Could not find password for user 'web'.
> I'm not sure if it's the exact reason why it's failing, but the log
> looks kind of short and I don't see the usual rsync invocations.

ok after we looked more into it.
Problem is that munich cataloge generation cataloge is kind of half
broken to do promation not working kompletly as a few packages don't
have bundels.

I'm not sure what to do now :)
Can I just integrate them by hand?
Or how to handel that?


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