The Python web apps throw 500s

Maciej (Matchek) Bliziński via buildfarm buildfarm at
Thu Sep 25 12:13:19 CEST 2014

11:42 < lblume> automaciej: Is the REST thingie working? I've had troubles
since yesterday with checkpkg
11:45 < automaciej> I don't know, I haven't logged in recently
11:45 < automaciej> show your error message
11:46 < automaciej> we had problems in which the web app would stop
working, and you had to restart apache to fix it. but I don't know where
the problem is exactly.
11:46 < automaciej> s/fix/mitigate/
11:49 < lblume> automaciej:
- HTTP code: 500
12:08 < automaciej> nothing in error_log
12:09 < automaciej> svcadm restart cswapache2; try again

We've seen this in the past too. I can't debug this now, but it's a
recurring problem, and we should try to debug this some time. It could be
in Apache, or in the web app itself. But I the problem is I don't
understand why we're not seeing these errors in error_log.

less /opt/csw/apache2/var/log/

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