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Dagobert Michelsen dam at
Mon Jul 23 10:39:35 CEST 2018

Hi Brice,

Am 22.07.2018 um 22:54 schrieb Brice Goglin <Brice.Goglin at>:
> Do you know if there's a reason why prtpicl doesn't work on the sparc
> machines (while it works on the x86 machines)?

> On unstable11s, prtpicl doesn't seem to be available.
> On unstable10s, it fails "picl_initialize
> failed: Daemon not responding". On unstable9s, it returns nothing.

Yes, becasue these are zones and the daemon can only run in the global zone.
I can run it for you on the global zone, do you need specific parameters?
The farm consists of the T5220 for Solaris 9 and 10 and an M3000 for Solaris 11.

> hwloc uses PICL to detect CPU and cache information on Sparc. It works
> fine on T5 to T8. Oracle gave us some code to handle PICL outputs from
> Sparc VI to M8. So I guess it could work here but I don't know where to
> debug this.

Would it be possible that I generate the output from the commands which
are read by hwloc from file in some kind of debug mode?

Best regards

  — Dago

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