[cfarm-admins] Offer for Sparc machines

Baptiste Jonglez baptiste at bitsofnetworks.org
Mon Sep 3 11:51:45 CEST 2018

On 20-08-18, Dagobert Michelsen wrote:
> > 1) solaris11 has bash by default for new accounts, but solaris10 has sh.
> >   Is it possible to set bash as default shell on solaris10 too?
> Nope, the default shell can only be changed in Solaris 11. For Solaris 10
> you have to explicitly add „-s /usr/bin/bash“ to useradd or use usermod
> later on to change the shell. If you use ansible you may specify the shell
> path in the respective module.

Ok, this is slightly annoying to do in our setup, but I will give it a try.

> > 2) on a related note, on solaris10, there is an error when logging in:
> > 
> >      -sh: PATH=/usr/bin:/usr/sbin: is not an identifier
> I guess you are talking about user bjonglez. The problem is the following
> line in .profile of the users home:
> export PATH=/usr/bin:/usr/sbin

> > 3) on both solaris10 and solaris11, /opt/csw/bin/ is not in the $PATH
> THe default is now added in /etc/profile. In your current configuration
> to ~/.profile overwrites this setting, so a different skeleton may be
> advisable. How is your setup on the other buildfarm hosts? Do you have
> a standard skeleton?

Oh, I see, these two issues are actually the same.  What happened is that
/etc/skel/.profile from solaris11 was installed to $HOME, and because
$HOME is shared between the two machines, solaris10 complained.

I have updated /etc/skel/.profile not to set the PATH.  We don't have a
common skeleton because things vary depending on the OS.

> > 4) solaris11 has a German locale (LANG=de_DE.UTF-8), and solaris10 has no
> >   locale at all.  Can you set en_US.UTF-8 for both?
> Sure:


I have one last issue on solaris10: creating a new user fails both with
ansible and plain useradd:

    gcc-solaris10# useradd -m foobar
    cp: /home/foobar: Operation not applicable
    chown: /home/foobar: No such file or directory

It seems like it should create the home under /export/home, not /home.
The manpage for useradd mentions a "basedir" option but it does not
actually work:

    gcc-solaris10# useradd -b /export -m foobar
    UX: useradd: ERROR: invalid syntax.

Do you have an idea of what's wrong?  If it works with a plain useradd
call (so that we don't have to change our ansible setup just for this
machine) it's even better.

> The machine is located in Kiel, Germany and our company which is sponsoring the
> machine is Baltic Online http://baltic-online.de
> Our company is also sponsoring the OpenCSW buildfarm so we are also strongly associated
> with OpenCSW. It would be nice if you could mention both Baltic Online and OpenCSW :-)

Ok, I have updated https://cfarm.tetaneutral.net/machines/list/ accordingly.

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