[csw-devel] Package classification and svn:ignores

Dagobert Michelsen dam at blastwave.org
Tue May 6 22:16:46 CEST 2008


due to lack of response I just commit this now.

> Am 06.10.2007 um 21:11 schrieb Trygve Laugstøl:
>> 2) I'd like to add the svn:ignore Subversion property to all
>> directories
>> hosting packages (IOW trunk/*/*) with the following value:
>> work
>> download
>> cookies
> I would like to pick up Trygves initiative again. Some time
> ago I talked with Phil about including revision numbers in
> the pkginfo in the form
> When the PSTAMP is set the directory in inspected with an
> "svn status". If there are uncommited changes, unadded files
> or anything else that looks strange the PSTAMP is modified
> to make it clear that the package is not reproducible by
> checking out the current sources. "Anything strange" also
> means files which are not in the repository which should be
> ignored. If there are more files to be produced they must
> be added manually, but I think that is a good idea as it
> shows the maintainer has actively decided not to include them.
> Therefore this property should be set on all directories.

PSTAMP for packages build with GAR now have the form
   $(LOGNAME)@$(shell hostname)-$(SVN_REV)-$(shell date '+%Y%m%d%H%M%S')
where SVN_REV is
   r1234             the SVN revision
   r1234UNCOMMITTED  the SVN revision, but with some things
                     not checked in
   NOTVERSIONED      the directory was not added to SVN
   NOSVN             there is no svn installed in the system

This has been committed as r2106:

Phil, could you please add a test to checkpkg to reject
packages with the new PSTAMP which either have UNCOMMITTED,

Next thing are modular packages, so James can put released
versions of packages aside and look for packages with the
timestamp just introduced. So please take a look at
if this suites your needs. It is currently just a study, but
I need feedback to know if I'm going the right path or
just mess up the repository.

If anything breaks, just yell ;-)


   -- Dago

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